1. Show Respect: Even if your boss hasn't yet won your loyalty, he or she is still entitled to your respect.

2. Don't Be Afraid: of your boss. Some supervisors can be intimidating, but remember, your boss needs you.
3. Do Your Best: Try to live up to the performance expectations set for your job.
4. Give Honest Feedback: Your supervisor needs you to tell the truth, even if it's unpleasant and you may have valuable information or questions for your supervisor.
5. Don't Try To Hide Problems: First, try to solve the problem. If you can't and the problem becomes serious, let your supervisor know as soon as possible.
6. Be Positive: When things go wrong, a positive attitude means a lot to people who work with you, including your boss.
7. Manage Your Anger: Blowing up in front of your manager solves nothing, but demonstrates clearly that you can't control your emotions.
8. Break Important News Fast: If you get pregnant, become seriously ill, need to have surgery or need time off for a family crisis, inform your boss as soon as possible.
9. Maintain Your Boundaries: Remember to keep your business relationships about business.
10. Embrace Your Strengths: If your boss tells you that you're good at something or have done an excellent job on a project, thank him or her and take it to heart. Recognize your own talents and nurture them.
11. Face Your Shortcomings: You can't be skilled in everything you do. Ask your supervisor for advice to help you grow in areas where you're weak.
What ever issue you have, approach him and try to portray an image that you see him as an your inspirational idol. You don't need to be a "your right boss" kind of a guy, but you need to show him that you trust him. Any arguments you may have against, put it in a form that would look like a child's innocent question, rather than a fight to say I am right... Explore the possibility of sharing your personal life with him, after all he is a social animal himself, he will give with keenness, but avoid putting everything in front of him, and one last advice. Don't lie to him, be sincere, and transparent in your thoughts with him, at the same time careful not to intrude into his domain.


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